Abu Dhabi Media Zone (ADMZ) Phase 1b

Abu Dhabi Media Zone (ADMZ) Phase 1b

Abu Dhabi Media Zone Brief: The Abu Dhabi Media Zone (“ADMZ”) is a newly formed organization whose objective is to facilitate the growth of the media sector in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. 

The functional objectives of Phase 1B Project is to design studio production space and its required support spaces for the ADMZ (studios).  The studios are utilized on a shared use basis, meaning they are not specified for use of a particular company, but instead will be shared or utilized by multiple different media companies.  As such, the design and function of the space will be coherent with this objective.  

The studios are located at two separate locations:

Studio C-19: The Project studios and support space is taking approximately 1.5 floors of this converted office building.

Studio C-11: Also located near C19, the building above, the new studio sits within an already established media academy accounting to about one quarter of the floor. This studio is used purely for educational purposes.