Welcome to Serex International (FRANCE)


Established in 1984 as a French Architectural and Structural Consulting firm in Toulouse, France, Serex International expanded its operation to the United Arab Emirates in 1993. At Serex International, we believe in sustainable architecture that builds communities, enriches people’s lives and expresses the spirit of our time through art, craft and innovative engineering solutions and technologies.


Serex International is a full service Consulting firm practicing in the Local and International marketplace. Our commitment is to listen to our Client’s concerns, use state of the art technology to its full potential, and work closely with our Clients to develop and propose Architectural and Engineering solutions that are functional and economical. At Serex International every project is entirely unique. Hence, we insist on discussing in details your specific needs, and you will be assured that we will find the ultimate way to achieve them. Serex International record growth in recent years continues to be built upon relationships formed early with private and public investors and developers.


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